Friday, November 26, 2010

Look!! Big News!!

I was emailed today by a lovely etsy fan who had listed a pair of the earrings I made for my store, in her treasury of beautiful things!

Take a peak!

New things in store!

Check out my Etsy shop.. I have added a few things and I am on a mission to keep adding, I have shown serious neglect with my shop. The world keeps going, and never slows down. Time passes so fast, I need to take more time to look around..and be creative.



Kate (of stylebykate) and I styled this shoot for a wonderful, amazing duo, Fera. They look stunning and are a totall pleasure to work with and for!

Friday, August 6, 2010


I know. it is taking me too long to post new things, I have so much to work with, but have been so terribly busy... My times was taken up with one of my best girl's wedding. Making the bridemaids belts, there were 7! The brides belt and the grooms vest.

The wedding was last weekend and it was beautiful!

But I promise, I am going to post new things every soon...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To List!

Finally! I have been back to work with Worth and have started to list some new goodies. Lots of cool body jewelry, shoulder chains, shoe chains, more tank top, custom works... all sorts of goodies... I am going to get working on some more new stuff and list it in the weeks to come. 

I also redid the header in my Etsy shop with my new PhotoShop skills, which is pretty rad. I learned enough to be able to make really neat designs for my shops, like new headers, banners all sorts of things.

Check it out!


Friday, January 29, 2010

To make new

Today I have designed new business cards for Worth. All my added emails and twitters and blogs need to be known about! No more hand written on old cards, not that professional...

I am also working on new things, inbetween the contruction of my new studio I am making some things in the living room... but soon I can do more once I unpack my sewing machine!

I miss it so..

But I have new body jewlery I am working on and so many more fun ideas!

Soon, soon, I really mean it soon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

to Thank

I have meant to post this for ages.

A very sweet girl purchased a pair of silver shorts I had made for my shop Worth.
After leaving sweet feedback for my shop, she sent me a picture of herself wearing them and standing with her favorite author. Not only was I touched she sent me the picture, I was honored she chose to wear them at what must have been something really special to her.

She looked absolutely beautiful and I wanted to show her off on my blog.

Thank you so much.

You are a reason I want to do this.